Nova Coffee

The Nova Coffee company, owned and managed by Agnes Mukamushinja and Felix Hitayezu, work to build ethical and sustainable coffee farming practices across their community. Nova Coffee recognises the power and benefit of enabling women to work in their society, and also recognise the need to provide stable support to the uneducated youth. As part of this recognition, Nova Coffee have funded the construction of the NOVA Bright Starts Early Childcare Centre and begun their IKAWA SAWA project. Nova offer specific lots that are proudly made, produced and sold by women, and lots that are processed and sold separately featuring the work of guided youth. We are proud to contribute towards these projects simply by purchasing their coffees.


Gicumbi District, Northern Province

Women hand sorting coffee at Gicumbi District Rwanda


Nova Coffee Company


Red Bourbon


1800 - 2000 m


Mar - Jun

Farmer picking ripe coffee cherries from wild grown tree

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