The Thuti wet mill sits 2 kilometres from the Karima Hills, in the heart of Nyeri County, with the River Thuti flowing through. The mill receives SL 28 and SL 34 lots from over five hundred farmers in the surrounding highlands and each year the harvests produce one small peaberry lot that they separate and offer separately. Peaberry beans are a natural mutation where one of the two seeds inside the cherry is malnourished and dies off, leaving only one small seed to form a rounded, pea-shaped green bean. The Thuti wet mill is part of the Othaya Farmer’s Co-operative Society and represents 550 farmers: 430 men and 120 women.


Nyeri County, Central Region

Thuti wet mill Kenya has green lush forests around the houses for coffee processing


Othaya Farmer's Co-operative Society


SL 28 & SL 34


1800 m


Nov - Feb

The Thuti wet mill for processing specialty coffee sits near the Karima Hills in Nyeri County Kenya

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