Tio Juan

The first time producer Cristian Rodriguez made a natural processed coffee, it was by accident. The pipe channelling water to the mill broke, and so he laid the cherries onto the drying bed as they were. It turned out to be his wife’s favourite coffee, and Project Origin were so impressed with it, we helped fund construction of additional drying beds to cater for what we knew would be an increased demand for his natural processed coffees. Cristian values the work of his pickers by paying them more to be selective in their picking, resulting in a high-quality coffee selection.



Scenic mountain view at Tio Juan in Honduras with natural process cherries drying under sun


Cristian Rodriguez Ulloa


Pache & Catimor


800 - 1800 m


Jan - Mar

Producer Cristian Rodriguez standing in front of his drying beds co-funded by Project Origin
Natural and washed process coffee beans drying beds at Tio Juan which Project Origin helped to fund

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