El Arroyo

Producer Victor Lopez is committed to producing the highest quality coffee with the lowest possible environmental impact. Only 10% of his farm is planted with coffee trees, while the bananas and plantains exist to feed the squirrels, birds and insects and the tomatoes and potatoes grow to feed the workers. The natural canopy is left, unpruned and proud providing shade and shelter. We are excited to begin our relationship with Victor, and with our partners Bridazul providing access to local processing mills for his coffees, we can look forward to a bright future of environmentally sustainable coffee beans.


Nueva Segovia


Victor Lopez




1250 m


Jan - Mar

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CM Selections label coffees are all coffees processed using the carbonic maceration techniques. They are categorised into five gemstone profiles: Diamond, Indigo, Jasper, Amber and Opal.
Healthy soils at coffee farm

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