In the Andes mountains by the small town of Pichindé rests 50 hectares of land owned by the Holguin family. This land has 20 hectares of naturally kept forest and 30 hectares of planted coffee trees of the rarest and most special species, including sudan rume, laurina, eugenioides and geisha. The land is divided into four different farms that each feature unique climate conditions, and hence are suited to the different species planted. The Holguin family have been producing their coffees at this farm since 2010 as a way of giving back the love and joy they have received from the local community, and Project Origin is supplying their coffees to further their beautiful work. In 2021, Australian Barista Champion Hugh Kelly used the eugenioides beans from Finca Inmaculada in his routine at the WBC.


Cali, Cauca

Harvested ripe coffee cherries collected in hessian sacks ready for sorting


The Holguin family


Bourbon, Geisha, Eugenioides, Sudan Rume, Laurina


1700 - 2000 m


May - Jun & Sep - Nov

Young coffee tree growing in specialty arabica coffee farm Colombia

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