La Margarita

La Margarita is managed by producer Marco Solórzano, one of seven brothers who are all involved in the Solórzano family project since 2017. Marco’s coffees are divine and special, and this is only reinforced by his 6th place award in the 2021 Cup of Excellence in Peru. La Margarita flourishes with a great range of varieties, including red bourbon, sydra and red, orange and mandarin geisha, and these trees are all protected under native shade trees to promote healthy growth.



Landscape of mountain side covered in trees at high altitudes in Peru


Marco Solórzano


Red Bourbon, Red Geisha, Orange Geisha, Mandarin Geisha, Sydra


1850 m


Jun - Oct

multi coloured cherries growing on coffee branch in Peru at a specialty arabica coffee farm

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