Sol Radiante

Sol Radiante is one of many farms owned by the seven Solórzano brothers in Cusco, Peru. This particular lot of land is managed by Carlos, and 2021 was the year they saw their first harvest of the newly cultivated geisha trees. The family has been working towards planting over 12 000 geisha seedlings at high Peruvian altitudes, and the results of this work from their first harvest shows this was well worth the trouble. By using the sun to guide their drying process, we are excited to discover and share the wonderful work of Carlos and Sol Radiante.



Unripe green coffee cherries growing on an arabica tree in Peru in the coffee belt of the world


Carlos Solórzano




1920 m


Jul - Oct

Arabica coffee producer Carlos Solorzano standing at his farm Sol Radiante in Peru exported by Three Monkeys Coffee

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