Las Flores

Finca Las Flores is the third farm owned by Pedro Erazo where he continues to grow the pacas variety. While Pedro has become known for his washed and natural lots that are presented in auction programs, his honey processed pacas from Las Flores is among the most complex and unique of the coffees he produces. The combination of slow ripening due to the microclimate of the area, the anaerobic fermentation and the solar drying creates a cup that is sweet, lingering and features a wide range of fruits and florals. They are as delicious as the views from his farm are spectacular.


El Cedral, Santa Barbara

Specialty arabica coffee farm Las Flores in the mountains of Honduras


Pedro Erazo




1500 - 1600 m


Jan - Jun

Coffee producer Pedro Erazo standing in front of his newly planted coffee farm Honduras
Producer Pedro Erazo at his mountainside coffee farm Las Flores with palm tree shades as cover trees

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