Finca Cheli

Nelson Ramírez is a third generation coffee farmer who carries on the passion for coffee that has been passed down by his grandparents. Finca Cheli is a 19 hectare block of land that has grown coffee trees for 25 years, and it has been Nelson’s plans to continue the growth of these trees as well as to plant new varieties since he first purchased the farm. Despite the challenges of coffee production, which he identifies as a lack of labour during harvest seasons and climate change, Nelson focuses solely on farming coffee cherries at Finca Cheli, and the results are evident in the final cup.


El Cielito, Santa Barbara

Washing channels for processing coffee at Finca Cheli Honduras

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Nelson Ramírez


Pacas, Parainema, Obata


1400 - 1550 m


Jan - Mar

Coffee producer Nelson Ramírez standing by his tall coffee bushes in mountains of Honduras
Yellow Coffee cherries growing and ripening on tree at Finca Cheli Honduras

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