El Milagrito

El Milagrito, the little miracle, is Pedro Erazo’s first farm in the unique microclimate of the Department of Santa Barbara. Throughout 2017 and 2018, Project Origin partnered with Pedro in the construction of shade structures to use in the drying process, which increases his capacity to dry coffee properly. Due to the microclimate, Pedro’s cherries ripen and mature slowly, carrying the harvest period as late as June, and it builds incredibly complex and exquisite flavours. These coffees are perfect for the Late Harvest Auction in Honduras, a platform for producers to connect with buyers during ‘off-season’ harvesting.


El Cedral, Santa Barbara

El Milagrito means little miracle and is in the unique microclimate of Santa Barbara Honduras


Pedro Erazo




1500 - 1600 m


Jan - Jun

Coffee producer Pedro Erazo owns five coffee farms in Honduras has worked with Project Origin since 2017
A pacas varietal coffee tree growing on El Milagrito owned by producer Pedro Erazo

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