Mogola was the first farm the well-known producer Don Fabio Caballero purchased back in 1970, which was the same year he got married. The farm looks like a botanic garden, with many lines of trees to separate lots from the wind. Flowers grow to attract butterflies and act as landmarks for the workers when picking different lots. The area is very humid and cold, which helps maintain moisture in the soil, reduces stress on the plants often seen in hotter temperatures, and it also promotes slow maturation. With understanding like this, it is no wonder Don Fabio became one of Saša’s biggest mentors in specialty coffee production.



Rows of coffee growing at Mogola which looks like a botanic garden in Honduras coffee origin


Don Fabio Caballero




1500 - 1650 m


Jan - Mar

supernatural coffee label
Supernatural coffees encompass a variety of experimental techniques. They are less about clarity and refinement and more about expressive, exciting, yet approachable profiles.
Producer Don Fabio standing next to sacks of harvested perfectly ripe coffee cherries at origin
Coffee cherries growing at Mogola the area is very humid and cold perfect for slow maturation of flavours

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