San Francisco

Located in the Marcala region lies Don Fabio Caballero’s lowest growing coffee farm. By existing in the lower altitudes, Don Fabio’s coffee trees mature a bit faster, but they also grow stronger. The warmer climate at this altitude allows for lower maintenance and premium quality coffee ranging in cup scores from 84-90+ points. Uniquely, Don Fabio is one of the only producers we know who uses the Guardiolas to dry his coffee – a mechanical device that controls humidity and temperature levels to ensure consistent drying of green beans. His knowledge and understanding is an inspiration to Saša and to Project Origin.



Located in the Marcala region lies San Francisco Don Fabio Caballero's lowest growing coffee farm


Don Fabio Caballero


Catuai & Geisha


1300 - 1450 m


Jan - Mar

Coffee tree beginning to flower
Coffee cherries beginning to grow at San Francisco in mountainous Honduras

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