El Liquidambar

The Project Origin team started our relationship with finca El Liquidambar’s producer Mary Nery Marquez and her son Roger back in 2015. The Marquez family focused on taking care of the biodiversity in the environment, putting energy and care towards the flora and fauna at the farm as well as ensuring their coffee trees were producing the highest quality possible. There are several natural springs and even waterfalls during the rainy season that keep the farm lush and healthy. Recently, the Marquez family have been more involved in the seed to cup production of coffee, and began roasting their own beans to sell locally.



The Marquez family focus on taking care of biodiversity of the environment around the coffee trees


Mary Nery Marquez


Bourbon & Catuai


1450 m


Jan - Mar

Female coffee producer Mary Nery Marquez of El Liquidambar women in coffee
Coffee farmer rotating beans drying under sun at El Liquidambar in Honduras
Coffee grows as cherries on small trees in origins within the coffee belt like Honduras

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