Los Pinos

We began working with coffee producer Remiery Orlando Carabajal only recently, but we are so impressed with his work in the community and attention to detail within his small microclimate area that it comes at no surprise he has collected a few Cup of Excellence awards with his high quality typica and geisha lots. Sitting high in the mountains of Santa Barbara, Los Pinos produces some stand out specialty coffee beans from a meticulous producer.


San Andres, Lempira

Ripe red and unripe green coffee cherries bunched on branches ready for harvest at specialty coffee farm


Remiery Orlando Carabajal


Typica & Geisha


1500 - 1750 m


Jan - Apr

Dense coffee shrubs growing in the coffee belt for high quality arabica coffee

Product List

A full list of what green bean coffees are available for order now