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We are constantly evolving and innovating in our projects to better the world as we see it through specialty coffee. Find out what we are up to this month at Project Origin.

Harvesting Calendar 2020

Some of the most special coffees get sourced in advance. You might have heard of many special Project Origin lots but never really seen them on our product list. A

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Coffee Forecasting: Part One

recasting green bean purchases can be tricky, like forecasting the weather; it takes a combination of maths and experience and even then you can still get it wrong.

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Central America 2020

NEW ORIGIN TRIP! We are heading to Central America – and we want you to come with us! From March 2nd – 14th, 2020 we will be travelling to Nicaragua,

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News from Origin: Ethiopia, Nov 2019

Hello everyone! We’ve just recently had some very exciting times in Africa, with so much to look forward to this harvest and some community work updates from Masina, Guji. Harvest is in full swing and

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Coffee Connections – The Barista

Earlier this year, we made a connection with a talented young barista from Berlin, Germany. A former German Barista Champion and now the current German ‘Coffee in Good Spirits’ Champion

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