Agua Sarca

Isacio Albir is a third generation producer on Agua Sarca which has been producing coffee since the 1950s. Isacio has focused on moving his coffee into the specialty realm through improvements in bio-diversity at the farm, as well as picking and processing procedures. At 1350masl Isacio looked to nature to provide protection against diseases and pests. Agua Sarca has, at its heart, a rainforest “lung” to protect local flora and fauna. By allowing the forest to take care of itself the plants grow in a much more diverse environment and are stronger in the face of diseases and pests. Most of the farm is covered by shade trees, allowing the cherries to slowly mature. These healthier coffee trees are then able to produce healthier coffee cherries and deliver us exceptional quality in the cup.



Coffee farm Agua Sarca maintains natural landscape for a healthy biodiversity for healthy coffee trees


Isacio Javier Albir


Caturra & Java


1350 m


Jan - Mar

Two ripe coffee cherries in the palm of a farmers hand

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