El Cipres

What was originally a cattle farm is now a thriving coffee farm with Isacio Javier Albir at the helm. Isacio is a third generation coffee producer with multiple farms and Project Origin has sourced coffees from him since 2017. Situated at 1350masl in Dipilto, Finca El Cipres has been planted with a number of different varieties, including marsellesa, parainema, catuai and obata. Isacio uses the help of a local agronomist to ensure the soil and coffee trees have what they need to produce healthy coffee cherries and can provide sustainable production year-on-year.


Nuevo Segovia

Finca El Cipres has been planted with marsellesa parainema catuai and obata arabica coffee varietals


Isacio Javier Albir


Marsellesa, Parainema, Catuai, Obata


1200 m


Jan - Mar

Greenhouse of coffee bean seedlings growing before planting at El Cipres Nicaragua

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