El Avión

Before 2006, Finca El Avión had never sprouted a coffee tree. These days it gives us impressive specialty coffee and CM Selections lots each year. Located in Mozonte at 1500masl, this farm harvests late in the Nicaraguan coffee season, meaning cherries ripen for a long time and are full of nutrients and sweetness. The catuai and catimor varieties that grow here thrive beneath the shade of huge pine trees, with fallen pine needles providing organic matter and also ground cover for the soil. With an agronomist in the Gonzalez family the soil is impeccably cared for and the trees are lush and healthy. And working alongside Bridazul and Project Origin since 2017 they deliver consistent specialty green coffee beans each year, including microlots and coffees in our CM Selections range.


Mozonte, Dipilto

Coffee trees growing in Nicaragua are green and lush


Mario Gonzalez


Catuai & Catimor


1500 - 1750 m


Jan - Mar

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CM Selections label coffees are all coffees processed using the carbonic maceration techniques. They are categorised into five gemstone profiles: Diamond, Indigo, Jasper, Amber and Opal.
Coffee trees at Finca El Avion in Mozonte harvests late in the Nicaraguan coffee season
Specialty coffee producer Mario Gonzalez owns several farms including Finca El Avion
Coffee farm Finca El Avion in Nicaragua managed by producer and farmer Mario Gonzalez

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