El Recuerdo - Dipilto

The collection of farms run by Don Eudoro Guillen were purchased in 1965, and he primarily planted caturra coffee trees across his lands. Following the passing of Don Eudoro, his son Eudoro inherited both the farmland and his father’s passion for coffee farming. It was this inherited and self-fuelled passion that led to the meeting between Eudoro, Project Origin and Bridazul, where we have been collaborating together to implement our carbonic maceration processing techniques to further develop the delicious specialty green beans that are already being produced at El Recuerdo, in Dipilto, Nicaragua.


Dipilto, Nueva Segovia

Coffee producer Eudoro Guillen manager of Finca El Recuerdo coffee farm in Nicaragua


Eudoro Guillen




1450 m


Jan - Mar

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CM Selections label coffees are all coffees processed using the carbonic maceration techniques. They are categorised into five gemstone profiles: Diamond, Indigo, Jasper, Amber and Opal.
Unripe coffee cherries still attached to a caturra coffee tree
Caturra coffee trees growing at Finca El Recuedro in Dipilto Nicaragua

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