Villa Galicia

Despite being in the mountains of Ataco, Finca Villa Galicia is one of the few farms in El Salvador that can be walked across easily – as it is mostly flat. The arabica coffee trees here grow tall to utilise the sun and the soil beneath remains untouched, using the fallen leaves as a natural fertiliser. Producer Mauricio Salaverría’s approach to natural growing, fertilisation and on-site processing align with Project Origin’s values, and ensures the expressions and profiles of his green coffee beans are unique.

El Salvador

Ataco, Ahuacapan

Whole cherries drying on African drying beds at Villa Galicia in El Salvador


Mauricio Salaverría


Bourbon, Pacas


1500 m


Oct - Jan

Beautiful sunset view of distant mountains from coffee farm Finca Villa Galicia in El Salvador
Thick stack whole coffee cherries drying used in Supernatural coffee processing at Villa Galicia
Ripe cherries on arabica coffee tree at Villa Galicia

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