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We partner with farmers, exporters and co-operatives in 18 countries and work with, or directly impact, thousands of producers through our networks.

We trade directly and fairly to minimise the layers between the producer and the coffee roaster, and on average we pay 2-4 times the commodity market price (C-price) for specialty green coffee.

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International orders shipping from Australia carry an MOQ of 500kg and a 15% packing fee. Prices in USD will be issued at the relevant rate once order is confirmed.

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Pricing, Freight and Storage Terms

Project Origin aims to be transparent in our quality assessment of our products and we price coffees based on their quality, the rarity of the coffee lot and the price we paid for them. We share our feedback with producers openly so they can take pride in the results and also work on any further improvements. We cup everything on the Cup of Excellence scoresheets both at origin and in Australia.

Minimum Order Quantities

Please be aware that within Australia our minimum order quantity is 240kg (or AUD4000 value) and internationally our MOQ is 500kg (or USD4000 value)